Monday, December 1, 2014

Painting on Fabric: Artsy Tote Bag

I came up with my own formula for painting on fabric. 

by ©Peggy Gabrielson

Project Start and Why

I love experiment trying new ways to create my art on a different level. One of my favorite of late is painting on fabric using a combination of materials that includes acrylic. Although it is not a good choice; it is a polymer base that can crack when designing wearable art. 

I am happy with my discovery, years of exploring finding the right product that best fits my creative style. I decided to play and explore... yes breaking the rules. I am not ready to share my formula of combination of products that works for me; maybe I will in the near future as a DIY Download. 

I prefer my technique, because I am in control of the color I choose to use; making the hue and tints myself as the projects goes along. When it is completed the painted layers have the same quality as if it is screen printed. 

If you are impatient for my secret there is a product out by DecoArt for fabric painting, that I haven't used yet. It is called SoSoft. Let me know if you give it a try.

The Inspiration

Painting her face was a challenge. The idea was to start with a vintage look. My husbands family album is rich in history. Lot's of great photos to choose from.
Family album

The Process

Prepared bleached 100% cotton muslin with a coat of gesso. Inktense blocks of tans and browns for the base color ground. Once these layers dried I hand painted the face with Inktense block colors of black and brown. 

For the final layers I used my Flower: Art Stencils which can be found here, and acrylic paints in purple, red, blue and green. I love the translucent layered look I achieved. I can put my Gelli Plate and screen print away, successfully achieved the same look without using them. 
Close up view
She is complete... all handmade from beginning to end. I will sign before it goes up for sale. I haven't titled her until just this moment "Gratefulness" for family. Memories of my husband's heritage.


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