Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Creative Mind At Work

by ©Peggy Gabrielson

Lately I feel that my full concentration on the subject at hand is needed, more than usual… is it ‘older’ in age? 

Multi tasking is no longer in my vocabulary. I  like to believe it is my creative mind  ‘at work’-ing over time!

I was in the kitchen cleaning up, washing dishes from the dinner preparation. I felt bothered by constantly looking back over my shoulder at the stove. I had water boiling for pasta… worried that I might get into another thought pattern, as I so often do, and forget what I started doing in the first place.

I asked yelling this question out to my husband who was relaxing with a clear view of me in the living room, he wasn‘t too far away… “Honey do you know of any kitchens that have sinks facing the stove?” He shakes his head no with a puzzled face expression, “Why do you ask that?” I explained to him how troublesome it was for me to constantly turn my head to watch the stove as I was busy at the sink. Focusing is difficult for me…takes too much concentration!

He remembers last Spring when I ran out of the house in a frantic craze… yelling, “Honey come quick, there is a fire in the kitchen!”  He ran in, almost with the garden hose in hand, found to his amazement that there were burned  tortilla shells flaming in the oven. He just shook his head, as I explained what happened, “I wanted to heat up my tortilla shells for lunch taco salad. I didn’t want to wait so turned the oven broiler on for faster heating.” As my mind so often does… I walked away, busily working on a new project…

I am not allowed to cook in my kitchen now without supervision… I blame it on a creative mind... not ‘older’ in age!

Inspiring Creative Minds!