Thursday, September 19, 2013

4 Creative Ways to Beat Your Burnout!

© Peggy Gabrielson

Do you feel that there are times the stagnation or slump we sometimes get into are difficult to overcome? The next time you feel this way, use one of these inspirations. They will help you snap out of the dreaded doldrums.
Loving Life

  1. Visit art galleries/museums pick out one favorite artist work and use their color scheme in your next project of design.
  2. Pick up a magazine delete all words with a black marker, but those that pop out from the page that you connect with. Write a story with those words that you are left with.
  3. Accept a group challenge that is not of your normal style making sure there is a deadline.       
  4. Read a current story that is in the news, write a headline for it. Paint/draw to connect with this headline... it is your title for your project.