Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I am… NORMAL?!

by ©Peggy Gabrielson

It is a creative mind working over time.

I was catching up with the news online reading updates of an Artist Jewelry group I am a member of. My eye caught words that were written in a post of a member who I follow. She wrote about her challenge for the day. 

My Torch Station for Glass Enameling
While working on a design at her jewelry work bench she had caught a paper towel on fire. Her first instinct was to start blowing on the towel, not realizing that this action was fueling the flame not killing it. Finally her common sense gave in to the first reaction of fear. She grabbed her metal tongs, took hold of what was left of the burning paper, and proceeded to douse it in a container of water nearby to quench the flame. 

My first reaction to fire is somewhat similar, a panic sets in, heart starts to beat fast with an instant alarm going off in my mind telling me there is a problem here what shall I do? I too had a fire but in my kitchen. While cooking lunch taking a break from my project I walked away... learned discipline was not to use our stove or oven when my brain is still in the creative stages

Enameled Torch Fired beads
Reading further of the artist comment of the exchange between her husband, he being in the same room as her at the time of the accident, but not seeing it, mentioning to her “smells like a burn”, she in turn replying simply “uh-huh”.

I had to chuckle to myself... I was really worried for a while... I am 'NORMAL'. It is a Creative Mind working overtime!

What sticky situation have you gotten yourself in while creating and living a somewhat "NORMAL" life?

Inspiring Creative Minds! Learning something new every day!