Sunday, March 3, 2013

What Are Your Goals?

by ©Peggy Gabrielson

Life is all about what we make it.

Critiquing is a procedure of analyzing of ideas, an evaluation review that is detailed. As the word implies it is a judgment imperative? Analytically or morally, either way it is compulsive.

Who are we and what do we really want from life? Are we willing to live with the results of the choices that we make and take on as our own responsibility? Choices made impact lives.

No matter which road we choose to take, the familiar or a new challenge creatively, personally, or business wise we have the power to realize and change its course at any time. It is best to make a change then to realize it is too late. Better to make it now no matter how difficult it may become. 

Once the decision is made a commitment of time and energy is needed. A willingness to change successfully defines our outcome by concentrating on shifting the strategies and techniques to alter thinking patterns in order to achieve our goals. Misunderstandings of the direction can create conflict, although obstacles can be construed as ideas. There isn't a wrong turn in our road only a bend that might detour us in our journey.
Farmland (C) Peggy Gabrielson 2012

No matter what the case choose your own destiny! Improve your life, improve your relationships, and create environments where a creative idea can exist! Environments should inspire us to create creatively! 

Living in the north east Georgia mountains midst the trees and wildlife, inspires me to write. What surrounds you? Have you changed your environment for clarity?