Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spam Websites

by ©Peggy Gabrielson

Searching for opportunities in the wrong places can cause one to wonder. 

Standards for code of conduct and practice should be implied up front in some money making ventures for a freelance writer. Most of us know how affiliate advertisements work. I am an affiliate myself a publisher for three. I am active with one in particular, because it suits my interests well. 

I am all about sharing my knowledge across the internet and ideally so that I could inspire others with what I found. I try not to promote or review a product I am not familiar with. My beliefs are that it is unethical and poor standards to live by.

With the digital world becoming ever more popular, thanks to Pinterest and other social media sites, some pictures (not many) posted are becoming an intrusion to my inner sanity. The majority are honest about how to promote their business without harming others privacy, myself included. If we aren't carefully overseeing our internet sites, weeding out those who can hurt our image, can it eventually affect us also? Our business is verified can we be construed as a spammer, because we repinned a picture without making sure it is a legit site first?

There are some freelance websites that reward their ‘writers’ by site visits, not just by how many clicks they received on the advertisements on the page. This might be okay and very profitable, that it is and is for some. Who would blame an individual when you dangle candy in front of them?

I love the idea of Pinterest, the sharing is so inviting! My eye catches an interesting picture hoping that it will lead me to the website to find out more about health, or some other interesting topic. I noticed a pattern developing after I visited my Pinterest page. I found a lot of spam in my email and my PC was running SLOW~er than molasses, which I absolutely hate! Recently I had to delete a few boards, being ever more cautious now as I repin from another pinner to see where it leads me. 

Pinterest is up to speed trying to keep up with spammers posting images. Still be aware, check before repinning to your boards to see if they are legit. I clean my history on my computer immediately after logging off. This ensures that I don’t have anything crawling in the background and tracking me. Having a good antivirus also helps my computer be safe from anything malicious.

Glad to see that Pinterest and other social media are monitoring their sites. I love Pinterest, Facebook and my Google+! I enjoy being able to explore what is out on the net. Having the ability to have an image take me to the source of information I might not have found myself, because of key words not properly used in my search, Are you on Pinterest, Facebook or Google+? If so, do you use it for business or personal interests?

 Inspiring Creative Minds! Learning something new every day!