Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New App for My Droid

by ©Peggy Gabrielson

Exploring tweaking our websites…

I am always exploring new ways to make my life easier. Lately, my time has been occupied researching software programs to help our business grow in the digital format. Kingsoft Office is my choice of application to use on my droid when I am away from my office and main computer. I use it to compose documents to clients or blog posts. I love it! Best of all it is a FREE application that you can download to your cell phone. I still use my Writer app for quick notes of my ideas and thoughts for new designs.

I have tried several different apps sometimes out of frustration and complete boredom while traveling (wasting good creative working time) looking out of the car window. So far Kingsoft has exceeded my expectations! Very pleased that it has many features such as being able to link texts, inserting pictures, and yes, spell check, plus word count just to name a few. 

Mostly I choose to write and save my document as a .doc extension to send to my email. My time away from the office has to be somewhat free from work, remembering that it is after all my time alone with my husband. While he is driving I work from my droid, working quietly.  

This is the test example of my first trial run including a picture from my phone. I can place my picture anywhere! Even resize it in my document. 

These last two weeks also included time well spent on deciding which was better for us, using digital classrooms versus webinars, video streaming for a better website appearance, integrating and linking our entire internet sites to our main site. Decisions included which of our blogs to keep, whether starting anew with WordPress was a good idea to consider.   

After tweaking Pinterest, blogs, our domain site, starting and deleting WordPress, we are finally there! Our Pinterest site now uses our domain site as our link, with external links from there from our pages to move you around with ease so that you can explore all that we do! 

Competition is strong; we all want to be found by the search engines! What marketing plan do you use to make your life easier in the digital world?

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