Thursday, February 9, 2012

Love can come in many forms...Celebrating Valentine's Day

by ©Peggy Gabrielson

Exploring the history of Valentine's Day might not be important to some of us... myself included! 

It is interesting though how some might theorize it to go back in history as far as the ancient Romans. Most of us know it was an observance of the Catholic religion, their Saint Valentine.

my granddaughters
Once a year we make a public proclamation of our love of that special person in our life. We might choose to declare it by giving flowing sentiments written on cards, accompanied with long stemmed red roses, delectable chocolates... the most favorite of all candy given, intimate dinners in fancy restaurants, handmade gifts, and gifts as elaborate as diamonds and lingerie.

It has been chosen as a day for ostentatious announcements of proposals. For couples the perfect day of the year to join as one in a ceremonial wedding pronouncing their true love. What better day to exchange vows that say I Love You!

For some it can be lonely... only with their memories close at heart. I have a favorite line that keeps me focused on others and not myself. It is 'pay it forward'. Whatever I have been blessed with I in turn try to give it to someone else. This year my love will go further by 'paying it forward' to others in a convalescent home giving cards of love. How are you sharing your love?

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