Thursday, February 2, 2012

Webinar: Raffia Hat Making For Fun Or Profit with Demo

by ©Peggy Gabrielson

I love sharing my skill with others and found that I can reach more people this way. 

I also believe that I can reach individuals who are isolated. Making it affordable was my main reason. I have spent many hours traveling and money to learn new techniques myself. This way the cost of traveling and staying in hotels, etc is avoided. Enjoy the luxury of learning a new skill to enhance our already talents in the comfort in our own home is the greater advantage!

Webinar is scheduled for 3 consecutive Saturdays, each 2 hours long. March 3, 10, and 17, 2011. All on Saturdays starting @ 3:00 pm EST and will end @ 5:00 pm. You may leave at any time you choose during the session, but I ask that you start at the time of class so time will not be spent on recapping what has already been covered. If you have a reason to start later or can not make the session, please email me so I can work something out with you if at all possible.
Beginner to advanced.

Description of workshop:
Session I
5 strand plait is introduced to plait your hat
How to start the 5 strand plait for easy start and sizing of crown
    Some work to be done during the week before next session.
Session II
'Sewing' the plait together
Sizing properly to your specific head 
    Some work to be done during the week before next session.
Session III
Starting the brim  
Completion of the brim. 

Tapestry needle
Iron (for clothes)
Towel and water 

Kit of Raffia and Tapestry Needle is available for purchase separate from the registration fee. Please purchase in time for it to be mailed to you to be received one week prior to the scheduled date of the webinar. See the 'For Sale' (front page of my online studio) Category- 'Kit for Raffia Hat Making'.
You can register for the webinar from my online studio. (link below)

After you register I will email you with specific instructions of steps to signing in to enter the classroom. I will also send you a reminder by email a few days before the class date. Looking forward to spending time with you and making new friends! 
No software to download to participate in my webinar. A webcam is not necessary, but preferred so that I can see your work progression. You will be able to ask me questions live... in order to do so you should have a microphone hooked up to your PC before class start time, or you can always type 'chat' your questions if that is not available to you. 

Registration - Webinar this will link you to the supply kit also

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