Saturday, February 28, 2015

Video Teaser: Freeform Bead Weaving

Creating Lace

My Style, My Way, the Easy Way; a tutorial soon for you to download to your computer. 

by ©Peggy Gabrielson

What is freeform bead weaving? Basically, it is a 'no rule' style using a needle, thread and any choice of beads you might have in your stash. It is created in your hands, no loom is used. Anything goes no pattern is followed. 

Think of it as an abstract expression in bead form instead of on canvas. It is a great way to use left over beads. This tutorial is over 30 minutes long, and can be downloaded to your computer immediately after your purchase from my online store.

Another video will be available that will cover the basic flat even count peyote stitch. You can view other videos on how it is done on the internet. In my tutorial video I share my special trick of How~I~Do~It the easy way.

After these two videos are completed I will be finishing two others that are in the process of scripting and taping. For those who want to start their own podcast I will share in a tutorial on How~I~Do~it. The second will be painting on fabric; all of my secret tips will be shared on this one.

In the meantime watch this short teaser of Creating Lace for the upcoming video tutorial soon to be released! ©Inspiring Creative Minds!