Friday, February 27, 2015

Hello Cyber World!

by ©Peggy Gabrielson

A shout out from the N E Georgia Mountains! We have sunshine today... hoping for the snow to melt so we can come down our steep driveway! I am not complaining I have plenty to keep busy with, and it could be worse.

I am thankful that it has been a mild winter season for us. I am ready for Spring and it's beauty of the season, aren't you? I miss my normal play time with colors and paints. I have completed all but the voice over for my video Freeform Bead Weaving; How I create Lace.

My Way, My Style, the Easy Way! I think if I don't find a platform that is all inclusive with a reasonable price then I will take on a freebie site that I have been looking into. I am open to any recommendations for a classroom website for my tutorials.

If you email me you must enter subject "CLASSROOM", or it will hit the spam file. In the meantime listen to my 36 second greeting to you below!