Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Learning Something New Every Day!

Our tagline for our DIY Georgia Mountain Arts community podcast.

 by ©Peggy Gabrielson

Photo by Thorndaddy...
I don't smoke but I do have a kitty just like this!
It is another way to connect with me for those who lead busy schedules; the podcast can be listened to on your cell phones or here. 

Have you ever listened to books on tapes while driving, or busy with some other kind of activity? I love listening to music and at times only have my television on for noise. Listening to a podcast is the same.

It is a way to captivate ourselves enriching our lives, by listening to something that encourages, uplifts and enhances our quality of creative play time. 

Look for ours here soon. We will have guests, besides myself, that will be sharing some bits of their art process, and tips that we might be able to take on ourselves. Each will be experts in their fields. 
The audio will also include a post with links to the guests website. I am so excited taking this creative step of sharing with you all in this direction! 

You can find the podcast's right here on our blog; also on our website, which is currently under construction. 
Adobe Connect Webinar & Podcast setting