Monday, November 10, 2014

Practice Makes Perfect

Why do you need to do it over, and over again? 

by ©Peggy Gabrielson

It's all about feeling good; practicing a skill strives for perfection giving off the endorphins of positive feelings. Leaving a confident image of oneself.
"Streams of consciousness... is it rambling or great writing style?"©Peggy Gabrielson
This quick sketch pen line drawing exercised my hand and eye coordination. It took practice to hold my pen correctly, a simple feat wouldn't you think? Remembering to use my full arm motion loosening my grip; not strangling the pen as I drew her. 

To help my visual journal inspiration entry for later viewing I added soft pastel and chalks. I did get carried away with the highlights; my journal entry notes aside the page jotted this down, including material and my techniques

Do you have a favorite journal? I have two, a visual for inspiration, and another just for my thoughts. I try to sketch or paint in my journals; using words that are handwritten becoming a part of me. 

Taking one day at a time. Practicing new and old skills; all coming together.PanPastel - Colorfin - Ultra Soft Artists' Painting Pastels - Starter Set - Portrait
Grumbacher Final Fixative
Krylon #1306 Workable Matte Fixative