Monday, September 23, 2013

3 Creative Ways to Draw Faces

Practice face drawing by using different techniques. 

© by Peggy Gabrielson

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    Continuous line drawing of faces
  • Continuous Line Drawing - is when you look at your subject and paper, drawing without lifting your pen or pencil off of the paper. The line should be unbroken from the beginning to the end. This takes a bit of concentration for it is not a natural habit of drawing, but the result is a very pleasing one.

    Water soluble graphite sketch
  • Create your own Picasso Head, it is free to use by RFI Studios. Can be emailed, saved to their gallery or printed. They give you choices of face features and a color palette. I tweaked mine afterwards with Adobe Photo.
Picasso Head by  RFI Studios

  • Water soluble graphite pencils - for drawing are unique, and one of my favorite ways of drawing freehand style. Add a bit of water with a brush stroking it over your sketch. A great way to add value quickly to a sketch for a later painting reference.