Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring… has sprung...

Spring… has sprung, or better yet, is Summer surpassing Spring again this year? Our ceiling fans, or paddle fans referred to by some, depending on what part of the country you are from, have been on for the second day in a row… full speed. As I sit here I feel the cool breeze on my skin… slowly being acclimatized for the extreme change of what I am to expect in a week and half from now…Vegas Delphi Annual Glass Expo!

The South Pointe Hotel personnel informed me that it would be in the mid 80’s when we arrive! Luckily, I will spend most of my time on the trade show floors, or hopefully, crossing my fingers, in the class I am on the waiting list for Faceted Dichroic Glass Pendants. I won’t hold my breath this workshop has re-scheduled adding on extra classes to handle the popularity… each day is booked solid!

Even if luck doesn’t hold out it wouldn’t be too disappointing… there would be plenty for me to learn and see… new techniques and product material to use in my craft on the trade show floors to peruse through.  Lots of interesting new  people to meet… I am known as ‘there are no strangers in my world‘… just friends!

Inspiring Creative Minds! Learning something new every day!