Friday, March 18, 2011

Life is good in the country... my cats!

by ©Peggy Gabrielson

The other day my husband left to go into town and I was enjoying the outdoors, when I saw out of the corner of my eye Pepper our calico cat had caught something and was toying with it… before the “great kill”. I was so upset with her, mind you I didn't care that this was a normal behavior for cats in the country… not my cat!

I ran for the nearest thing I could get my hands on, which happened to be the cats water bowl, to cover the poor terrorized creature with. Thinking this would save the poor baby squirrel from being eaten by my cat. I then proceeded to call Dave, my husband, on his cell phone... “Dave, Dave” I yelled into my cell phone with high anxiety, “come home quick, Pepper caught a baby squirrel and I tried to shoo her away and she keeps chasing it!” All this in one breath. 

Like a good husband who is concerned about his wife’s well being, he turned around and came back… as he drove up the driveway I directed him to the place were I captured the poor baby squirrel to protect it from my cat, under the silver water bowl.  He lifted it and released it back into the woods safe from the claws of Pepper.  He looked at me and said, “honey have you ever seen a chipmunk before?” I said, “yeah, on TV“. 

My first experience with a chipmunk… living in the country is a whole new experience for me. All I know of what a chipmunk is and looks like is what I grew up with… the singing “chipmunk, Alvin”. Do you remember? He wasn't even real..?

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