Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Art Voice

Searching for the 'Right' Group that Fits My Style

by ©Peggy Gabrielson

If my search isn't successful I will not be concerned... for I am happy in my creative art world. As my creative mind ages I am aware of the age of distraction; the idea of multi-tasking is a myth.
An art journal in process.

Social media will be slim, and group socializing also. Focusing on the idea of creativity only. What is the difference between creative and creativity?

I define creative as the process of designing; creativity as the actual 'doing it'. Read a previous blog post I wrote about it here...

My creative personality demands focus. I am happy with the direction it is taking. I don't question why, where and what any longer. I am having fun.

I enjoy storytelling, thus my writings; my art to express it further visually. Sharing my work with those who might be willing to pay for it. If I ignore your request of how I do it then understand that I took time to use my left side of the brain to think out the process.

I want to share my art work on networks with anyone that might be interested, not my techniques; if it's not available on my website as a how-to, it might be later down the road. Be patient I easily get bored...