Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Finding Inspiration in the World That Surrounds Me

Jewelry Designer DianesDangles, LLC

by ©Peggy Gabrielson

Rainbow Agate Necklace
Wearing jewelry is like wearing art. Shapes, colors, form and inspiration is all around me in nature.  I capture what I see into a piece of unique jewelry.

She has been creating and selling jewelry for 9 years now. Her favorite artist Pablo Picasso painting style of cubism and love of nature forms a style that is recognizable to be as hers in design.  Geometric shapes and color greatly influences her jewelry construction.

What are your favorite activities?
I like canyon hiking in the Grand Tetons in Wyoming and Bryce Canyon in Utah.  My connection to nature is the tranquility it offers, not hearing anything but birds, the leaves rustling in the trees, wind blowing.  Another is scuba diving in the Red Sea and the Fiji islands; combined with my love of photography I can capture the beauty that surrounds me.

I always watched Jacques Cousteau and his ocean explorations on television as a child and said to myself, one day I want to dive into the ocean and swim with all these amazing and colorful sea creatures.  The underwater environment is also pretty peaceful, of course I do hear some sounds from sea creatures, most common is the clicking sounds, which I think come from shrimp.

Which artwork of yours is your favorite? 
Septarian Gemstone Sterling Pendant.

One of my favorite pieces is my Septarian Gemstone Sterling Pendant. This is a cabochon stone I found in a little out the way rock shop in southern Utah. I turned this amazing stone into lovely sterling pendant which was featured in an issue of Bead Trends Magazine back in 2012.

What are some goals you’re still trying to accomplish?
I would like to experiment with different materials and incorporate them into my jewelry creations such as art clay and maybe some leather designs.

What is your method of designing?
I usually start out with a pencil and paper and draw out my designs. The end result doesn’t always look exactly what I have on paper; it does give me a good place to start. This is the method I use for making my sterling designs. For beaded jewelry, I lay out the beads on a towel and play with different arrangements of beads. 

What is your passion that drives you to create?
As a child I was always fascinated by seashells and rocks. To this day I look for unique specimens to collect.  Once on a canoe trip on the Two-Hearted River in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula I had to stop along the river’s edge to hunt for agates, happily I found a few. When I travel I stop at rock shops and mineral shows. My curio cabinet showcases my prized possessions.

Find out more about Diane and her work on her online store DianesDangles LLC.