Monday, December 31, 2012


by ©Peggy Gabrielson

It was a bitter cold sunny morning, a picture perfect day for a drive out in the country.

A light dusting of snow covered our property; apparently it was too cold for more. “Gosh that wind feels cold!” Walking faster to the car I was thankful that my husband went ahead to start the car.

Dave was skillfully driving our car through the mountainside, feeling the car moving my body as the car took the curves I looked up from my writings, "Honey is that ice on the road?"

‘Potential it could”, concentrating on the road answering without looking over to me. Thinking about his answer asking him again “is that black ice on the road I see?” I was busily working typing on my droid cell, stopping I Looked at him to catch his eye. Waiting for his answer, “Potential it could,” repeating what he said before.

I live with a man with an IQ higher than most thinking to myself should I question his answer to mean what exactly? Instead I sat there defining the words he chose to use… Potential tells me it is possible, as opposed to actual.  Saying then, it could in reference to show a little doubt of, it can.

Excitement in my voice I exclaimed, “what the heck, potential it could?! Really, potential”, gesturing my hands asking why! Looking towards me he laughed out loud. As we continued our day we both took opportunities to use the word potential! Seeing who could top the other in wit. Life was good driving in the country!

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