Monday, December 17, 2012

Giveaway Prize

by Peggy Gabrielson

Our first edition Newsletter will be coming out. Our prize for the giveaway, special for our subscribers only, is a handmade... 

Rose Faux Coral Beaded Brooch. The rose was made with a special recipe from a blend of fimo clays mixed then pressed into a handcrafted mold that we made. It was then baked at temperature to harden. We chose complementing variety colors in size 15 seed beads to bezel around the rose so that it will POP! It was then finished off with a suede backing and edged with larger beads.
Also in our newsletter we will cover our torch fired enameling projects. It is our first time PLAY~ing in this medium. What fun it has been! Join Us in our Google+ Community to participate in our How To's and see the picture of our prize!              
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