Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Learned Skills Eventually Come~ing Together!

by ©Peggy Gabrielson

When I create I seem to be in a world of my own were my thoughts are mine. 

Red Raspberry
All is resolved if there is an obstacle in the way! My favorite place to be, my mind!

Recently while cutting float glass into a new design my thoughts went back in time of a scenario that took place several years ago in a small group setting of individuals including myself.  Stained Glass Basics was the workshop, disciplining myself into a direction of learning a new technique. Continuing to cut my glass in petals sizes for a flower, my thoughts wandered to the words my instructor told us, 'having the right tools do make a difference'. His explanations continued of what each tool and usage were.  For example a grozing pliers  his words still clearly in my mind, 'use them facing straight into the glass while pulling out to break the scored glass.' These words drifting in 'Using the pliers will save you money in needing to replace the glass grinder diamond bit from unnecessary excessive use,' as I am using my grinder to smooth out the uneven edges.

I never completed another stained glass piece thinking it was as if sewing a quilt... everything needed to be exact. Now that I own new and improved tools to aid me in making good scores and cuts... I might consider it again?! Well maybe... Learned skills can and do sometimes come together! What skills have you learned in the past that was used in your designing stages?

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