Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back from...

by ©Peggy Gabrielson

Back from Vegas Glass & Craft Expo... so happy to be back in my familiar space! I met Lisa Pavelka at the Vega Glass Expo... learned 'how to' easy short cuts in Fimo clay. I recognized her voice from a distance away from the Carol Duval show!

While walking through the exhibit hall, in passing I met an advertising manager... she noticed my green cuff bracelet on my wrist and proceeded to offer me an opportunity by magazine 'Fired Arts & Crafts' to write a how to beaded embroidered cuff article... pay is low but I will be published!

On the plane over my seat partner was a student, to graduate from the university in Ohio in English this year. She will be working as a grant writer... hoping to live on a sailboat cruising up and down the east coast. She loves to write and we exchanged blogs.

Arriving at Las Vegas airport, while waiting for the shuttle bus to pick us up to take us to our hotel, I met Deb Crowley artist/author/teacher... one of the classes sold out I had my hopes for... she said if I chose to take any of her classes she would help me get in next year!

Inspiring Creative Minds! Learning something new every day!