Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Traditional Versus Online Education

Podcast Episode 2: Ramblings of a Creative Mind!

by©Peggy Gabrielson

What are the advantages of both?

There are certainly more opportunities for involvement such as hands-on training in a traditional class room type environment. 

Some workshops are advertised as retreats, held in wonderful relaxing places. Prices for some retreats do not include your travel expenses, and usually includes your room plus one meal; they are the makings for perfect vacations. Can you imagine yourself learning new techniques, being inspired by both the instructor and your surroundings? 

I find e-courses so much more agreeable to my nature. I have hesitated signing up for some, because the fee I thought was too high. After mulling it over I remembered that I actually saved money in the long run. I didn't have traveling fees and other expenses to consider. No hotel accommodations and meals were also an added benefit of savings.

As a creative mind who likes to share with others I am now taking the plunge myself creating new workshops of how~I~do~it using interactive classroom settings. I am in the process of writing my scripts look for my announcements of my progress here. 

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