Friday, December 6, 2013

5 Ways to Make Money for an Artist

How do artists make money? Many are making sales online. These are unconventional ways and may not be for everybody.

© Peggy Gabrielson 

I have tried some of them myself. I sold my jewelry and small glass designs on Artfire and Wanelo, my digital art are being sold on Fine Art America. I even opened up a store on Etsy, but never added anything to it.

I found that certain types of businesses do well on these websites. My research found that those who did well sold mostly resources, information and supplies. As an artist I found I could do very well in sharing my knowledge to those who are eager to learn a technique.

Even with the competition of all the freebies on social media sites there is still a viable market for feeding the hungry minds! I myself am back into writing my e-books in conjunction with my DIY videos for sale. The e-books are free with the videos available for a fee.

Webinars are more acceptable as a learning place. When I first started this idea it was difficult to sell my workshops to those whose minds were set as old school way of learning in classroom set ups. Now more and more artists are becoming teachers teaching online, finding that is a venue for extra income.

There are many boutiques to choose from, but have you tried art galleries that have gift shops? Try designing smaller projects to sell there. I have sold some of my lower priced jewelry in one I am a member of; the economy makes wearable art sell well, especially if the art gallery is in a tourist town.

Studios have been popular and successful. An individual can sell their artwork plus offer workshops; even sell art supplies related to workshops. I myself have a home studio separate from my main house for privacy. This allows me to offer an occasional small workshop for face to face hands on classes.

Once you decide on your venue test the market by advertising on your favorite social media site. Track the responses and visits. Google analytic allows you to enter the URL of your site to monitor traffic flow to your posts.

Like any business your success is determined by your persistence, staying focused on your goals, and marketing techniques. I will cover on how to accomplish these the easy way on a later post. It isn't difficult it can take time; something creative minds are not willing to sacrifice for it takes away from our creative play time.

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Painting Glass Ornaments from PeggyGabrielson on Vimeo.