Saturday, January 17, 2015

Follow Your Muse

The Art of Patricia Allingham Carlson

Peggy Gabrielson, Yahoo Contributor Network
May 8, 2014

“Seeing the nobility of a person's face, the grace, the joy, even the pain causes me to want to paint it. I feel lucky that I am a happy person, a grateful one, and one that has been driven to create my entire life.”

Her attitude towards life and purpose influenced her passion creating art, expressing the beauty in the world at an early age of 12. "I wanted to learn how to see, draw, and convey what I saw through my artwork better."

Immersing in courses of art in high school paid off; upon graduating Patricia received an award for being the top art student in her large class of 950. She gives credit to a teacher in high school Mr. Art Nagel in developing her skills. In college, Dr. Bradley introduced her to the finer points of watercolor, her love affair with the medium started.

"Being a living creature in our beautiful world provides the influence, and the passion to show how I feel about it."

Appreciation for the beauty of nature inspires Patricia to paint it, as well as be a part of it. Often she is seen with camera in hand, taking photos of places that move her. Processing, painting it, and conveying what she felt about the scene successfully more than what the photograph depicts.

"A strong influence on my art is my muse. If it is right and true to what it is supposed to be, I am pleased with my work, and feel the rightness. The spirit of the subject is evident to me, and I feel I have done it with what honor I can give."

Patricia's studio is a place that welcomes many people, her students, family, as well as those who have lived in her home before. It is a place for art and is full of positive energy. The space houses an 8 foot table where she paints daily; there are two long tables designated for class use, atop are visuals, her iPad for photo references, paints and materials.

"It is a mess, but I know where everything is!"

Patricia has been teaching art classes to children for 26 years, adults for 4 years, and selling her art for 35 years. Recently she started her online critiques, an opportunity that could be found on her website. Giving credit to her husband David and children getting her online business started, she can be found on Fine Art America, Zazzle and Facebook.

Her advice to others, "Don't stop pursuing your artistic vision. You can do almost anything you wish to do. Believe in your work, share with others, and be open to what you hear and see in your viewer's reactions."

Published by Peggy Gabrielson