Friday, January 31, 2014

Producing DIY Videos; Downloads to PC

Exploring new technology; a creative mind challenges.

by ©Peggy Gabrielson

Obstacles came and gone, taking each one at a time. I knew what I wanted; I just had to figure out how to do it. My latest video Stamping Solder Blanks was learning new technology so that I could share with you my tips and secrets of taking old ideas and turning them into something new.

The challenge I decided to take upon myself was to learn a new software program for video editing. In the midst of it all my body decided to battle a cold, which I refused to claim. It did show up in the voice-over on the video at the end as if I was losing my voice; becoming a whisper but still was able to make it heard with the audio controls of this great program.

The second challenge was to find a way to make my videos available as an immediate download to a customer’s PC after payment. There are many e-carts to choose from; choosing the right one for me took some time, because I wanted one for my Facebook page and website. Most have requirements of a maximum file size that can be uploaded; this obstacle was short lived to success of compressing my files without losing the whistles and bells I used to produce the video.

There are so many things to celebrate with the first month almost over. Today starts the Chinese New Year the year of the Horse; I was born as this, my Chinese New Year sign. I have completed my first video for the year Stamping Solder Blanks, truly a 'do it yourself' from the beginning stages without the help of anyone but myself. I hope to write and produce many more before the year is ended. 

Pursuing a traditional idea and crafting it into a new design giving it a twist of your own that will be my focus to share with you in my work. What challenges have you overcome this first month of the year 2014? 

©Learning Something New Every Day!