Monday, April 18, 2011

So why do we do it?

by ©Peggy Gabrielson

"So few people are able to make a living creating art. Many of us wear ourselves out creating, working tirelessly through the late-night hours... long after we've finished our "day jobs."

I read an article by Tammy Jones editor of Jewelry Making Daily, her article Making Art Jewelry: Why do we do it?, posed the question I had myself for quite awhile now. Why do we do it?
Raffia Hat Workshop 

"Have you ever thought about why you do it?"  

I thought of this just last night... again... as I lay in bed trying to get rest before my 'new' day started. 

The new day did start, but thought if I lay there with my eyes closed sleep would fall upon me. Instead I thought about my deadlines what I needed to do. 

Why do I spend my time and money on supplies, workshops and of late traveling to trade shows? What is the  reason for my drive? Is it the idea of being known in the artist community, money... none of these. 

I love sharing my knowledge with others! For me it is the satisfaction of creating and designing something so unique and wonderful that no one has been able to do as of yet. 'Pushing' myself or the media to the extent that it can not further is the satisfaction of completing a job well done! 

Don't ask me to hold a conversation with you when my mind is in this direction... I would not make sense... just ask my husband. I would be interested of some of your answers, so why do you do it?

©Inspiring Creative Minds!

Materials used for Raffia Hat