Monday, June 3, 2013

How to Start a Group of Like Minds

by ©Peggy Gabrielson

Do you need motivation or inspiration? Do you lack time from your daily routine to be creative? Why not start a group for sharing ideas, new techniques, and skills to share with others. 

How do you start one?  First you must decide on a few things. Will it be a closed group, limited to members only, fee based or free?  Meetings would be held once a month, more or less? A specific category of interest could be artists of textiles, beads, street art, or not even necessary. A diverse variety of interest offers great insight of view points on topics discussed.

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Second decide if you want to start your group online or in person setting.  Both have their pros and cons about them. Facebook has thousands of groups available to choose from, as does Google+ communities. As always it can be overwhelming to keep track of all those we belong to. It might be time for you to start one yourself with your special interests in mind. I started a Google+ community; DIY Georgia Mountain Arts is a community for likeminded individuals. Our tag line is “A gathering of like minds devoted to Inspiring Creative Minds! Learning Something New Every Day!” On my list to do is to create a hang out where we can visually see each other while sharing our thoughts.

I am one who believes in sharing my knowledge of a great find that might help others in their creative endeavors. At times I hang out with others in person just to get out among the public for my inspiration needs to be filled. I also find great information from groups I belong to in the social media world online. It is all about networking, being inspired and motivated to stay on course and focus on our love, creating art!

I invite you to be a part of our Google+ community. Come and share or learn with us all; be a part of likeminded folks! Inspiring Creative Minds! +Georgia Mountain Arts